Say Goodbye to Foul Odors

Call NEPA Environmental LLC for residential or commercial odor remediation services in Scranton, Lake Ariel & Hawley, PA or surrounding areas

Pets, mold, mildew and water damage can all leave behind musty smells that linger in your building. That's why the pros from NEPA Environmental LLC offer commercial and residential odor remediation services based in Hawley, PA servicing Scranton, Lake Ariel & North East PA.

Are you within a 40-mile radius of Hawley, PA? Call 570-291-7711 now to receive a free estimate on our residential or commercial odor remediation services.

Why rely on us toprovide odor removal services?

Why rely on us to
provide odor removal services?

What makes our residential and commercial odor remediation solution different? Unlike other odor removal formulas, the product we use is:

  • Eco-friendly - this odor removal solution is organic and biodegradable
  • Fresh-smelling - this product doesn't leave behind a chemical smell
  • Safe for people, plants and pets - this formula is nontoxic and USDA-approved

For more information about our commercial or residential odor remediation services, contact one of our staff members serving Scranton, Lake Ariel & Hawley, PA and surrounding areas today.